UCL POND are the coordinating partner of the EuroPOND consortium. This and other POND projects are listed here.

Current POND projects

  1. “EuroPOND: Data-driven models for Progression Of Neurological Disease.”
    • Funding: EU Horizon 2020. 2016-01-01—2019-12-31.
    • Personnel: Neil Oxtoby, Marco Lorenzi, Sara Garbarino, Sebastien Ourselin, Jonathan Schott, Olga Ciccarelli, Daniel Alexander (PI).
    • Summary: The EuroPOND consortium will develop a data-driven statistical and computational modelling framework for neurological disease progression. This will enable major advances in differential and personalized diagnosis, prognosis, monitoring, and treatment and care decisions, positioning Europe as world leaders in one of the biggest societal challenges of 21st century healthcare. This work extends and augments ideas developed in the NeuroProgression project, as well as expanding the remit to include other neurological conditions such as multiple sclerosis, prion diseases, and encephalopathy of prematurity.
    • Webpage:
    • Selected publications:
  2. “Data-driven screening tools for dementia.”
  3. “Fine-grained staging and stratification in Huntington’s disease through computational models of disease progression.”
    • Funding: CHDI Foundation. 2016—2019.
    • Personnel: Peter Wijeratne, Daniel Alexander (PI).
    • Summary: Pete’s postdoctoral work involves building disease progression models of Huntington’s disease using data from two large studies: Track-HD and Predict-HD.
  4. “Disease Progression Modelling of Alzheimer’s Disease Subtypes.”
    • Funding: UK EPSRC. 2016—2019.
    • Personnel: Razvan Marinescu, Daniel Alexander (PI).
    • Summary: Raz’s PhD project investigates the progression of neuroimaging measures in typical Alzheimer’s disease and Posterior Cortical Atrophy. The aim is to develop specialised mathematical models that allow us to compare the temporal heterogeneity of different Alzheimer’s disease variants.
    • Key publication:
  5. “Designing user interfaces to support front-end clinical decision-making in neurodegenerative disease.”

Completed POND projects

  1. “NeuroProgression: Computational models of neurodegenerative disease progression.”
  2. “NetMON: Network Models Of Neurodegeneration.”
  3. “C-PLACID: Computational PLatform for Assessment of Cognition in Dementia.”
    • Funding: UK EPSRC. 2015-01-01—2017-12-31.
    • Personnel: Sebastian Crutch (PI), Nick Fox, Nick Firth, Razvan Marinescu, Daniel Alexander, Neil Oxtoby, Massi Pontil, Mel Slater, Anthony Steed, Stephen Hailes, John Shawe-Taylor, Duncan Brumby, Anna Cox.
    • Summary: This project aims to develop new cognitive tests for early detection and accurate subtyping of dementia using traditional question and answer tests as well as new virtual reality scenario testing. The work draws on the ideas of disease progression modelling coming out of the NeuroProgression project.
    • EPSRC project outline: link.
    • Brochure
  4. “Computational modelling of imaging markers in multiple sclerosis progression.”